this is Britt Bailey

It’s taken five major cities, five chapters full of lessons learned, a lot of help from family and friends…(and a little dog too), to shape the Human. Actor. Singer. Dancer I am today. Since rarely these days does anything boil it down better than a tweet:

Big dreams. Big city. Big mistakes. Big Change. Big Love.
#Actor #Singer #Dancer

That’s me, Britt Bailey –  Just a small town girl who loves snuggly dogs, big plates of french fries, kind people, and a decent bourbon sour (though not necessarily in that order). When I’m not partaking in any of those things, you can probably find me on a stage somewhere.

“Always present, always honest, and not afraid to take risks, Britt is one of the most remarkable young artists I’ve ever met. Funny, smart, and passionate, she’s the type of person we all hope to have on set or in the rehearsal room. I can’t wait to work with her again!”
– Jonathan Monro, Composer, Actor, Musical Director

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